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4 Common Causes of Fires in Commercial Buildings

4 Common Causes of Fires in Commercial Buildings

Many fires within commercial buildings can be prevented or reduced with adequate fire safety systems and training.

Commercial building fires can start as minor incidents that spread, causing significant damage and destruction within a building, harming its occupants and accompanying buildings within its vicinity. Many fires within commercial buildings could have been prevented or reduced with adequate fire safety systems and training. Listed below are four common causes of fires within commercial buildings.

Cooking Appliances

One of the most common causes of fires within commercial buildings is cooking appliances. Majority of commercial buildings and offices have a designated area often referred to as a break room, lunchroom, and cafeteria, amongst other names filled with cooking appliances often used by the building’s occupants, typically employees and sometimes customers. Any building with cooking appliances such as a microwave, stove, or coffee maker can be at risk for potential fire hazards, especially when they’re not used or stored properly. When operating appliances within a workspace, it’s advised that they are properly managed, and proper fire prevention methods are put into place to ensure a safe and functioning work environment.


More often than not, fires in commercial buildings can be caused by electrical malfunctions, ranging from faulty wiring, lighting, outlets, and overloaded circuit boards or power grids, along with other electrical equipment. These types of fires are more likely to occur in older buildings with outdated wiring, outlets, and power grids. However, to ensure your building’s electrical system is up to date, it should be inspected by a professional with routine follow-ups certifying the safety of your building and its occupants.

HVAC Systems

Another common cause of commercial building fires is faulty HVAC systems. Heating systems in particular, are fire risks, especially when they’re malfunctioning, causing problems with overheating and electrical issues. Your building’s heating systems should be properly stored and inspected regularly, especially during seasons when used excessively, such as fall and winter.


There’s a reason most commercial buildings don’t allow smoking in or around the building, or it has a designated smoking section. Smoking materials such as cigarettes, cigars, matches, lighters, and other items are considered fire risks and can ignite fires, especially when improperly stored and disposed of. Fires caused by smoking materials can largely spread, resulting in significant damage, destruction, and harm.

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