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Backflow Preventer for Fire Sprinklers

Backflow Preventer Chesapeake Sprinkler Company

Would you know if you needed a backflow preventer?

Fire sprinkler systems are complex systems, keeping your building occupants and property safe. One component that they often have is a backflow preventer, an indispensable device for the health of the community. Should you need to install a backflow preventer for your fire sprinkler system or request maintenance services, Chesapeake Sprinkler Company is ready to help you in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia.

Why Is Backflow Bad?

Naturally, a backflow preventer prevents backflow, but what is that, and why is it bad? When potable (drinking) water and non-potable water mix, you have a potential health hazard. Should non-potable water leak into the main water line, countless individuals could consume harmful bacteria, hazardous waste, and chemicals like antifreeze. 

Do You Need a Backflow Preventer?

In most cases Fire sprinkler systems use water form a municipal supply to control or extinguish fires. They are not designed to maintain the water quality required for potable water. Backflow preventers maintain or safe barrier between sprinkler systems and potable water supplies. In some cases, backflow preventers with air gaps may be required. Generally, when additional chemicals are added to the sprinkler systems, such as antifreeze where systems may be subject to cold temperatures. While the National Fire Protection Association does not mandate backflow prevention devices for fire sprinklers, local laws most often do.

How Do They Work?

Different types of backflow prevention devices exist, including Double Check Valves (DCV) and Reduced Pressure Zones (RPZ), but each kind consists of a spring-loaded double-check valve that keeps water flowing in one direction: from the water main into the property’s water systems. Should the water pressure be greater on the property side compared to the city side, the preventer’s check valves will close, disabling system water from going back toward the municipal supply. Should the pressure be great enough, one of the check valves will allow water to enter the device’s low-pressure chamber. If it is an RPZ, it may dump out excess water through a relief valve below the first check.

Backflow Preventer Services

Backflow preventers work flawlessly, but only if they are free of debris and well-maintained. This device can be a lifesaver, preventing communities from consuming dangerous water, saving emergency companies days if not weeks of repair work, and saving you from high, unneeded expenses. Should you need installation, maintenance, or any other backflow preventer services, make Chesapeake Sprinkler Company your go-to contact! 

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