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Fire Protection Tips for Property Managers

Fire Protection Tips for Property Managers

Protect your commercial property with the right knowledge and equipment.

Commercial property managers have a lot on their hands, from screening tenants to budgeting to marketing. One of the most critical challenges for them is maintaining safety. While various threats are out there, fire is one of the most prevalent. Hundreds of thousands of fires still break out in the U.S., and though the numbers are on a downward trajectory, the rate is still high. Here are two main fire protection tips all property managers should know.

Know the Common Causes of Fire

Knowing the most common causes of fires will help pinpoint what areas to address. 

Cooking Equipment

Cooking fires make up a significant percentage of commercial fires in the U.S., according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), making up over 50% of fires in healthcare facilities and restaurants. Unfortunately, cooking fires are not something a property manager can control. The best one can do is to defend occupants with fire protection equipment in key locations.


Although it may be a less common occurrence, fires due to faulty furnaces, boilers, and radiators still are a hazard that every commercial property manager should be keen to prevent. Poorly maintained units such as these can result in devastating losses and are more common in industrial and office facilities.

Electrical Equipment 

Like heating and cooling appliances, electrical equipment also will wear out over time. If left unchecked, either its circuit could overload or its wiring could spark a fire, among other electrical issues. 


Unfortunately, arson is another significant cause of fire for which every commercial building needs to be prepared. The best way to prevent this type of fire is with sound fire protection systems.

Install and Maintain the Proper Fire Protection Systems

The last thing anyone wants is to deal with an expensive, out-of-control fire from any of the above causes. The best way to ensure safety is with the installation and maintenance of proper fire protection systems.

Sprinkler System

A fire sprinkler system activates in the presence of heat. Different types of sprinklers fit some settings more than others; for instance, a deluge system washes industrial fires in one fell swoop, while preaction systems help protect stores, museums, etc. from extensive water damage.

Suppression System

A fire suppression system contains chemicals rather than water to put out specialized fires. These chemicals either remove oxygen or heat from the equation to snuff out flames.

Fire Alarm System

Fire alarms are the first line of defense, helping to call occupants to action in the face of danger. Without this vital system, people might discover the fire when it is too late. These systems also alert the local fire department automatically.

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