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Here Are Some Fire Safety Tips For High-Rise Complexes

It is a must for property owners and residents to know the fire safety features of their building. Property owners, residents, and neighbors can work hand in hand to keep a building as fire-safe as possible. Here are some fire safety tips for high-rise complexes.

Chesapeake Sprinkler High Rise Complex

These fire safety tips are vital.

Ensure High-Rise Complexes are Fully Sprinkled

Automatic sprinkler systems in tall buildings or buildings with many floors are mandatory. The height of high-rise complexes makes it challenging to fight a fire from the outside. This complication forces emergency personnel to enter the building to fight the fire. Also, the number of occupants in a high-rise complex makes it hard to protect each occupant. 

Therefore, having a properly-installed automatic sprinkler system is vital. As a property owner, you should hire a professional fire protection company to perform a risk assessment on the building to understand how the risks affect the design and operation of the building’s automatic sprinkler system. You can count on Chesapeake Sprinkler to strategize, design, and install a fire sprinkler system that fits into the structure and incorporates the risk factors of your overall building. 

Residents or Potential Residents Should Meet with Property Owners to Talk About Fire Safety Features 

It’s an excellent idea to meet with a landlord or building manager to discuss fire safety features. Residents or potential residents should feel secure and safe that the proper fire protection equipment exists. High-rise complexes should have fire alarms, sprinklers, and an established and well-documented evacuation plan. If you’re unsure of the best fire safety practices, insist that your building manager goes over these with you. If the building’s fire safety systems aren’t working, a replacement should happen ASAP. 

Know How to Escape

You must be aware of all the available exit stairs from your floor if there is a fire emergency in your building, mainly if the nearest one is accessible because of fire or smoke. 

High-Rise Complexes Should be ADA-Compliant 

Elevators are convenient for wheelchair-enabled people or anyone who uses a walker. However, people shouldn’t use the elevator when there is a fire. Therefore, it’s best for building managers to purchase evacuation chairs because they can help save lives. 

Ensure That All Exit and Stairwell Doors Are Visible

Exit and stairwell doors should have clear markings and shouldn’t be locked or blocked by security bars, clutter, or debris. Contact Chesapeake Sprinkler today if you’re unsure if your building can handle a fire emergency. Our experts at Chesapeake Sprinkler can ensure that your fire protection systems are up to par. 

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