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Fire Safety Violations That You Should Avoid At All Costs

Chesapeke-Sprinkler-Fire-Safety-ViolationsUnderstanding what the fire marshal and your local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) require in terms of building fire safety regulations is crucial. Regardless of the type of business or facility you own, ensuring your safety, your team’s, the general public’s, and your valuable assets should be a top priority. Being aware of the typical fire code violations in commercial establishments can assist you in passing fire safety inspections. Here is everything that you need to know. 

Door Regulations and Blocked Exits

Keeping all doors and exits unblocked is a crucial safety measure in any workplace. It is highly recommended to ensure that deliveries are not placed in hallways and that merchandise is not kept in front of doorways. All exit doors, hallways, pathways, and stairways should always be clear of debris and merchandise. Even if these items are left unattended for a short period, they could pose a severe threat to the safety of everyone in the workplace. In case of a fire or any other emergency, you and your employees need to be able to evacuate the premises smoothly without any obstructions.

Using Extension Cords Improperly

When you have multiple appliances that need to be used simultaneously, it might be tempting to use an extension cord as a quick fix. However, it’s important to remember that extension cords are intended for temporary use and can be hazardous if misused. If you use extension cords as a long-term solution, you are exposing yourself to potential fire hazards. It’s also important to avoid attaching extension cords directly to each other or permanent fixtures, as this can cause overheating and increase the risk of fire. Instead, consider adding additional outlets or power strips to provide more power sources for your appliances. By doing so, you can avoid the risk of fire and possible fines from the fire marshal.

Poorly-Lit Exit Signs and Lighting

It is essential to ensure that exit signs in a building are functioning correctly to avoid fire hazards. Any flickering or non-lit exit signs can lead to a dangerous situation during an emergency. It is crucial that people can quickly locate the exits in case of a fire and that there are no obstructions. In addition, emergency lights need to be in place that can remain illuminated for at least ninety minutes during a power outage. It is advisable to have regular inspections of your exit signs and emergency lights at least once a year, if not more frequently. These measures can ensure the safety of everyone in the building in case of an emergency.

An Improper Fire Sprinkler System

If you’re a building owner or manager, keeping your fire sprinkler systems up-to-date is crucial to avoid any code violations. Ensuring your sprinkler systems match your building’s design and hazard classification is significant. If you plan on changing or repurposing a building, it’s highly recommended to consult a professional fire protection company. They can assist you in designing and retrofitting your fire sprinkler system according to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) standards. This will help ensure your building is safe and complies with the necessary regulations.

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