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Importance and Placement of Hardwired Smoke Detectors in Commercial Buildings

hardwired smoke detectors

The quickest way to alarm building occupants of a fire is through the professional installation of a hardwired smoke detector.

Early fire detection can make an incredible difference between life and death for building occupants in commercial buildings. The quickest and most surefire way to alarm building occupants of fire is through the professional installation of a hardwired smoke detector device. After Chesapeake Sprinkler Company professionally installs a smoke detection device, you can rest assured that through proper protocols and routine maintenance that your smoke detector device is in working condition. Through the correct placement of hardwired smoke detectors in commercial buildings by Chesapeake Sprinkler Company, your building occupants will be alerted at the first sign of smoke detection. 

The Importance of Hardwired Smoke Detectors

Commercial buildings must hardwire their smoke detectors. A hardwired smoke detector that’s received routine maintenance and is in well-working condition can detect the early signs of a fire outbreak before it begins. A hardwired smoke detector will sound the building alarm or activate the fire alarm system at the first sign of tiny smoke particles released into the air. Early smoke detection is vital in commercial buildings, which often contain numerous individuals that will need to evacuate before a fire spreads. According to the National Fire Protection Association, research determined that fires spread faster than ever in today’s climate. While past fire outbreaks provided upwards of 17 minutes for occupants to escape after a fire alarm signal, today’s fires can leave as few as 2 minutes to escape. As part of a life safety system, professionally installed and maintained hardwired smoke detectors in commercial buildings can protect occupants and property in the event of a fire. 

Placement of Hardwired Smoke Detectors 

The placement of hardwired smoke detectors is vital in providing building occupants with a fast alert in the presence of fire. The National Fire Protection Association recommends that hardwired smoke detectors be installed on every building level, including stairwells and within 10 feet of any cooking appliances within a commercial building. Additionally, the AHJ (Authority-Having Jurisdiction) will have its own regulations surrounding the professional installation of hardwired smoke detectors. Additionally, interconnection of all alarms is recommended by the NFPA. By connecting smoke detectors within a commercial building or apartment complex, building occupants will be notified throughout the building when a single detector gives off an alarm. This provides your building occupants with the awareness that they need to seek an immediate evacuation route. 

Smoke Detectors Save Lives and Protect Commercial Property from Fire Outbreaks

Choose Chesapeake Sprinkler Company for all of your smoke detector needs. We can professionally design, fabricate, and install all of your life safety alarm systems and hardwired smoke detectors. Chesapeake Protection Company also provides routine maintenance based upon your local jurisdiction’s regulations and requirements. Contact Chesapeake Sprinkler Company today!

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