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Retrofitting Fire Sprinklers: A Benefit for All

Retrofitting Fire Sprinklers: A Benefit for All

Chesapeake Sprinkler Company can retrofit your fire sprinklers for better safety.

Fire sprinklers save lives. Fire sprinkler systems are how buildings can prevent extensive property damage and danger to human life. Without these systems, commercial buildings of all kinds are far more dangerous and deadly, harkening back to the late 1800s when fires broke out every single day in cities like Chicago. While building safety has advanced since then, not all structures have the latest and safest technology in place. Unfortunately, a major fire is often what stirs cities to enforce fire safety laws in commercial buildings. Whether or not your city has retrofitting laws for fire protection systems, you can be sure that doing so with be one of your greatest investments.

What Does Retrofitting Fire Sprinklers Mean?

Retrofitting is different from installing a brand new system. Retrofitting fire sprinklers involves improving what already exists. For example, a high-rise building might have outdated construction methods and fire safety systems, but a fire sprinkler company, like Chesapeake Sprinkler Company, can change or modify parts for better safety.

Planning a Large-Scale Project

Retrofitting fire sprinklers for large facilities like high-rise apartment buildings, entertainment centers, schools, etc., can seem like a daunting feat. However, with an experienced and skilled fire sprinkler company, you can trust the retrofitting strategy to them. With a thorough plan, your project can be complete within just a few days, with little to no inconvenience to the building’s occupants. Of course, every project is different, and the timing can depend on the building’s size.

Retrofitting Options

Your city may have laws requiring you to have certain fire protection elements in place by a future date. In general, however, the types of retrofitting you might see include:

  • Protection of common areas only
  • Protection of common areas and partial protection for specific rooms
  • Engineered Life Safety System (smoke detectors, fire alarms, partial fire sprinkler systems)

How It Benefits Everyone

A retrofitting project can be one that turns many commercial building owners or managers off because of its expense. Even so, this task is one that will be well worth it for all. Occupants benefit from the safety it offers for both their lives and their property. Owners and managers do not have to worry about being liable if a major fire does break out, and their insurance rates will drop significantly. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

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