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Signs That You Need Your Fire Protection Systems Updated

Your building’s fire safety equipment is one of the most vital systems for protecting property and saving lives. All devices, even high-quality systems, degrade over time. Also, newer technologies can make older equipment outdated. However, when a system has served you well for years, you might ask, “If this system doesn’t seem broken, why should I fix it?” This type of thinking can be dangerous regarding fire safety since there are several excellent reasons to enhance a system that seems to be efficient. Here are some considerations for when you should upgrade your fire safety equipment. 

Chesapeake Sprinkler Fire Protection Systems

Here is why fire protection systems are important.

The Age of Your Fire Safety Equipment 

All sorts of fire protection systems deteriorate over time. Whether it’s your firm alarm devices or active or passive fire suppression systems, they get old and need replacements and upgrades. Fire control panels should have a replacement every 10-15 years, while you should replace your smoke detectors after ten years. If you had dry chemical fire extinguishers installed before 1984, you should have us remove them for service. Also, it would help if you had your extinguishers inspected yearly and serviced at regular intervals

Passive fire protection systems such as fire doors, partitions, dampers, and walls endure so much use. If these systems suffer from wear and tear, they also need an upgrade. 

If the Building Layout Has Changed 

As your business grows, the layout of your business might change. When this happens, we suggest you go ahead and revisit your fire safety plan and consider relocating or upgrading your fire protection systems. 

This upgrade could mean upgrading the number of horn strobes or heat detectors in your building. It could also mean adding another fire extinguisher, repurposing a building section, or upgrading your firewalls. 

If Fire Codes Have Changed

The basics of fire safety tend to remain stable. However, NFPA codes tend to change every three to five years. Even subtle changes can affect your building’s compliance and might cause you to enhance your system. 

If You’ve Added Elevators or Other Features to the Building

If you’ve added a new wing, elevator, or floor to the building, it’s worth reconsidering your entire fire safety system. During additions, fire alarm and passive protection upgrades are routine. 

Do Your Systems Constantly Need Maintenance?

If your fire safety equipment needs several repairs before its expiration date, it’s time to upgrade. Constant service calls can be expensive, disrupts the flow of business, and poses a significant safety concern when your systems aren’t keeping your systems safe. Systems with superior performance and functionality save money over the long term. Contact Chesapeake Sprinkler today if it’s time for your fire protection systems to have an upgrade. 

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