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Three Reasons To Inspect Commercial Fire Extinguishers

Chesapeake Sprinkler Commercial Fire Safety

Prioritize inspections for your fire extinguishers.

As a crucial tool for fire safety, fire extinguishers serve as the first line of defense in commercial building fires, preventing the flames from spreading. It is important to have your building’s fire extinguisher inspected at least once a year to ensure that it is in proper working condition and ready to be used in case of a fire emergency. Here are three reasons why it is necessary to have your fire extinguishers inspected.

Find Damage Within Your Fire Extinguishers

It is crucial to have your building’s fire extinguisher inspected to identify any damages. While fire extinguishers are sturdy devices for fire safety, they can wear down and accumulate damage in less observable areas, rendering them ineffective during fire emergencies. The interior of fire extinguishers, for example, can get corroded, gradually compromising your extinguisher.

Detect Leaks

Detecting leaks in fire extinguishers can be difficult without a thorough inspection. That is why it is imperative to reach out to the staff at Chesapeake Sprinkler Company. You can monitor pressure changes by regularly checking the pressure gauge on your building’s fire extinguisher. If you notice that the pressure is too high or low, it is advisable to seek the services of a professional to have your fire extinguisher serviced.

Prevent Hose Blockages

It is important to inspect your building’s fire extinguisher regularly to detect any blockages in its hose. Debris can accumulate over time, which can compromise the functionality of the hose. A non-functioning hose can make it difficult for the fire extinguisher to discharge fluid properly during a fire emergency, putting the building and its occupants in danger. To prevent this issue, it is crucial to have the hose of your fire extinguisher inspected periodically and any debris cleared.

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