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Top 3 Reasons You Need a Fire Sprinkler System in Your Commercial Building


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If your commercial building goes up in flames, the professional installation of sprinklers can reduce the amount of collateral damage that may occur due to a fire outbreak.

If your commercial building goes up in flames, the professional installation of a fire sprinkler system can reduce the amount of collateral damage that may occur due to a fire outbreak. According to the National Fire Protection Association, research indicates that fire departments within the United States responded to approximately 3,340 fires in office properties annually with an average cost of $112 million in damage. In Maryland, the professional installation of a fire safety system in an office building is required by law. When combining a fire sprinkler system with a smoke alarm, you can potentially reduce building occupant deaths from fire and minimize property damage. Here are the top 3 reasons why your commercial building needs a fire sprinkler system. 

Fire Sprinkler Systems Are Required by Law in Maryland

In Maryland, fire sprinkler systems are required by law and regulations vary based upon local code ordinances. Fire sprinkler provisions in buildings have been required by law for years and can help reduce property damage while contributing to the safe evacuation of building occupants. This is the number one reason why it’s essential to have a professional fire sprinkler system installed within your commercial building. Chesapeake Sprinkler Company can provide you with a firm estimate, design, fabrication, and thorough installation that matches your local jurisdiction’s code requirements.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Are Reliable and Protect Your Building on a Round-the-Clock Basis

Chesapeake Protection Services can ensure that your fire sprinkler system is working on a round-the-clock basis through routine maintenance and inspections, even when your employees are safe at home. Whether it’s a weekend, after hours, or a holiday — you can rely on the working condition of your fire sprinkler system with Chesapeake Protection Services. This can provide commercial building owners with peace of mind that their property is fully protected in the event of a fire outbreak.

Fire Damage is More Expensive than Fire Sprinkler System Installation

When considering how much fire damage can destroy your commercial building and even result in building occupant death, the professional installation of a fire sprinkler system is incredibly invaluable. At Chesapeake Sprinkler Company, we can provide you with an upfront estimate based upon competitive rates to protect your commercial building in the event of a fire. Contact us today!

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