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3 Considerations for Choosing a Fire Protection Company

As the New Year emerges, we encourage you to reevaluate your fire safety practices. One way to have better fire protection is by hiring a qualified company to install new-and-improved fire protection equipment. The first consideration for choosing a fire protection company is often price. If two companies quote a price, your instinct would be to go for what’s more cost-effective. However, choosing a fire protection company involves more than that. You want to thoroughly evaluate the company’s experience, quality of work, and potential long-term costs. Otherwise, you might pay for extra service fees and fire code violations. Here are three considerations for choosing a fire protection company. 

Chesapeake Sprinkler Fire Protection Company

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When researching fire protection companies, we suggest you consider how long they’ve been in business. If you need a quick inspection to comply with fire codes, you might not think about this much. But if you want a long-term partnership, the level of experience matters. For example, we’ve been in business for over 40 years, meaning we’ve serviced too many companies throughout Maryland to count. 

Quality of Work 

The best fire protection company will stay up-to-date on the latest codes and install advanced technology to ensure that you only need inspections once a year. Of course, high-quality fire protection systems experience wear and tear over time. However, it’s a red flag if you need to call the company every few months because of failing fire protection equipment. You also would like to hire a company familiar with your industry and the necessary fire protection equipment. For example, do you manage a data center?

If so, it’s best to hire a company that understands that a dry pipe fire sprinkler system is one of the best for data centers and any place housing electronic equipment. The right fire protection company will design your building and strategies to best suit your business. Look at a company’s reviews and past work to better understand how clients felt about their services and to examine their completed work

Potential Long-Term Costs

Once you know that a company is credible, then consider the price. It’s beneficial to have the latest fire protection systems. However, you want to compare quotes and evaluate what systems you need versus the ones you don’t. The reason why we say this is because fire protection systems involve maintenance costs each year. Therefore, you want to evaluate installation costs and consider long-term maintenance costs. 

Chesapeake Sprinkler Checks off These Three Requirements for Choosing a Fire Protection Company 

Keep fire safety at the forefront by calling us today. We have the expertise and high-quality work you need. We will also discuss your budget to see what the best fire sprinkler, fire alarm systems, and more are best for you. 

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