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3 Things to Know About Workplace Fire Safety

Chesapeake Sprinkler Company Workplace Fire Safety Fire Drill

Learn the essentials of workplace fire safety.

According to the National Safety Council, in 2021, 1,353,500 fires resulted in 3,800 civilian deaths and 14,700 injuries. In addition, the Census of Fatal Occupational Injury reported that in 2021, a fire or explosion caused 76 fatal occupational injuries (workplace injuries that unfortunately led to death). While these numbers seem relatively low, they show us that fires can get out of hand and lead to devastating circumstances in the home or workplace. Today, we’d like to focus on workplace fire safety by offering three essential tips to ensure your workplace remains safe and fireproof. 

Take Fire Safety Seriously

It’s best to check the workplace for any potential fire hazards to avoid fires. Fire hazards include:

  • Waste and combustible material.
  • Dust accumulation.
  • Overloading power sockets.
  • Flammable liquids and vapors.
  • Defective electrical equipment.

Take precautions by cleaning waste and dust piles and storing flammable liquids securely. If you have overloaded electrical systems, you should fix this problem. You’re taking a crucial step to protect your work site when you communicate fire safety and stress the importance of a clean, protected work environment. 

Learn Emergency Procedures 

What would your fire safety plan be if a fire broke out on the work floor? How would you guarantee your team members’ safety? Initiating an evacuation plan is vital to prevent injuries or fatalities. At all times, fire exits and excavation routes should be obstacle-free. In addition, fire alarm systems and smoke detectors are essential on the work floor. An emergency action plan is also necessary for industries working with flammable or explosive material. 

Decide if You Want to Assign Leadership Roles

Every employee should understand your workplace fire safety plan like the back of their hands. However, people panic. Therefore, in times of panic, it makes sense to designate a leader or two to ensure everyone can escape the building. Since this is such a risky role, your team might need the proper equipment, such as protective gear, breathing masks, and access to water in accessible locations on the work floor. In an office setting, this might not apply. 

However, in healthcare facilities, you should consider going above and beyond with workplace fire safety because you want to protect employees and patients. Either way, you must work within the local, state, and federal regulations when developing a fire safety response plan. For example, if you own a business in Baltimore County, you should know that there is a mandate to have an automatic fire sprinkler in your building

It takes a lot of research and education to keep your business fireproof. Many fire safety violations and regulations exist. However, you’ll stay compliant when you partner with a credible fire protection company. Our team at Chesapeake Sprinkler will install, test, and inspect fire protection equipment best suited for your industry. 

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