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The Benefits of Fire Sprinkler Installation

Chesapeake Sprinkler Fire Sprinkler Installation

Learn more about the benefits of a fire sprinkler installation.

Fire sprinkler installation is valuable, with many fire protection benefits. Fire sprinkler systems are usually most beneficial when equipped with automatic suppression. The advantage of having a fire sprinkler on your property is that it can help protect and save all your building’s occupants. As a reputable business owner or property manager, you should protect your colleagues and property in every way possible. Here is a deeper look at the benefits of fire sprinkler installation. 

Fire Sprinkler Installation Reduces Fatalities

We understand that this is a scary thing to consider, but the reality is that people could lose their lives without the proper fire protection equipment. You’ll protect your property and occupants by hiring a credible fire protection company to install a fire sprinkler and traditional methods such as smoke alarms. According to the American Fire Sprinkler Association, sprinkler systems reduce fire damage by 97%. The National Fire Protection Agency also reported that sprinklers reduce the civilian death rate by 87% and injuries by 27%. 

Fire Sprinkler Installation is More Cost-Effective than Fire Damage

When you consider the damage that fires can cause, fire sprinklers are a cost-effective way to protect your building and the people working there or residents living there. Many fire sprinkler systems cost a percentage of the overall property value. The factors that affect the cost of commercial fire sprinkler systems include the following:

  • The type of piping
  • Additional equipment, such as a backflow preventer, storage tank, and pumps
  • If the system needs a separate piping system or if it will share the building’s system
  • The number and type of sprinkler heads
  • Savings on insurance premiums
  • If the project is new construction
  • If you own a high-rise building
  • If you want to retrofit an existing building
  • If the building is historic 
  • Your building’s square footage

So many factors go into the final price. However, we assure you that it’s far more expensive to replace an entire building or risk lives or injuries. Therefore, we suggest contacting our professionals for a roundabout price or custom quote. 

Minimizes Property Damage

One misconception is that fire sprinklers spray so much water that it will ruin your valuable assets. However, this idea is a myth. Sprinklers installed in properties use minimal water to get the job done. Therefore, there will be less damage. Plus, different types of fire sprinkler systems benefit various industries. For example, if you manage a data center or if you want to protect the valuable equipment in your server room without damaging your IT equipment, it’s possible. 

Minimal Maintenance and Reduced Insurance Costs

Finally, when you have a fire sprinkler installed, it doesn’t take much maintenance to keep them running correctly. All you need is an annual inspection. Other than that, fire sprinkler systems can last for decades. Plus, fire sprinkler installation is known to reduce insurance premiums. The National Fire Sprinkler Association has a breakdown of how a building owner can put money back in their pocket once they have a fire sprinkler installed. 

Contact us today if you want to learn more about what to consider when choosing a fire sprinkler and more information about how you can make your building as safe as possible. 

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