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A Guide to Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems

chesapeake sprinkler deluge fire sprinkler sytems

Deluge fire sprinkler systems can move large amounts of water in an instant.

Deluge fire sprinkler systems are an excellent option for fire control in hazardous or industrial environments. This is especially true if there is a risk for a massive fire that would need a significant amount of water or other fire retardants to contain. If you’re looking through the options of fire sprinklers, why would a deluge fire sprinkler be beneficial? 

How Do Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems Work? 

These particular fire sprinklers work with unpressurized piping above open sprinkler heads. If any fire is detected by a smoke or heat detector, a deluge valve will open flooding all of the sprinkler heads in the system with water. These are slightly different from traditional closed sprinkler head systems, which have pressurized lines to disperse water only in areas where heat or smoke is detected.

Where Are They Used?

Deluge fire sprinkler systems are great for high-hazard industrial environments. They are frequently installed in chemical plants, aircraft hangars, oil extraction facilities, and any storage facility that holds or uses flammable chemicals. For this reason, deluge fire sprinkler systems can be used with either water or another type of fire-suppressant chemical that works best for the type of fire you may have. 

Do Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems Need Maintenance? 

Yes! To ensure your deluge fire sprinkler system is up to your building code, you should always have your system installed by a professional. Once your system is in place, you should have regular inspections to ensure your sprinklers are functioning correctly and there’s no corrosion in your piping. Since there are many parts to a deluge fire sprinkler system, there are different maintenance schedules you should adhere to. Some pieces need to be inspected weekly, and some annually. For example, some parts, like your pressure gauges and valves, should be checked every week to make sure there is proper pressure in the system and the valves are open. Make sure you discuss any maintenance concerns you have with your installation company. 

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