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Keep Everyone Jolly During the Holidays with These Fire Safety Tips

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Whether you celebrate in the office or at home, your holiday work festivities should be safe.

The holiday season is the perfect time to revise your fire safety tips. Whether you celebrate in the office or at home, your holiday work festivities should be safe. Many decorations and traditions can quickly become fire hazards if left unattended or broken. Additionally, you should check any fire safety systems in your commercial property this winter for the accumulation of water that can cause frozen pipes. 

Dry Heat 

Most homeowners and commercial buildings use dry heat to warm their homes and facilities during the winter season. With less moisture in the air, flammable objects become more flammable. Dry heat happens when the HVAC system consistently puts out hot air without any additional humidity. Dry heat can cause nose bleeds, dry skin, and will increase the flammability of anything in your home or property. To combat dry heat, use humidifiers and drink more water.

Trees and Other Plants

As we discussed, dry heat removes moisture from the air. If not taken care of properly in dry heat, plants may become combustible. This is because as the air dries out, so do the plants. Christmas trees are known to dry out during the holiday season, leaving pine needles across your living room floor. Many people anchor them in bowls that facilitate watering to make Christmas trees last longer and help them keep their needles. However, even a properly watered Christmas tree can become a fire hazard. Dry air can still dry out needles and branches, making it essential that all debris from the tree is disposed of immediately. Use a humidifier or invest in a plastic tree that requires no watering. An office tree should be plastic to prevent it from drying out over the weekend or holiday.


Washers and dryers are typical home appliances that require little maintenance. However, you should be removing any lint from your dryer every few months. Lint is flammable and is regularly used as kindling on camping tips. If your office space has a washer and dryer system, check it for lint. The dry heat we use to combat the cold winter air can increase the likelihood of lint being a fire starter. 

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