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The Parts of Your Fire Alarm System

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The obvious purpose of your fire alarm system is to alert you to a fire and contact authorities.

The obvious purpose of your fire alarm system is to alert you to a fire and contact authorities. However, there are other parts of your fire alarm system that go into action during a fire. Fire safety systems have many components that work together to ensure your protection. Since 1978, Chesapeake Sprinkler Company has built and maintained fire safety systems in thousands of commercial buildings. We provide high-quality fire safety equipment. In this blog, we will look at the purposes of different pieces of the fire alarm system.

Detect Fire

Smoke detectors and sensors are installed at appropriate distances from possible sources of fire. For example, in a kitchen, the smoke detector should be close but not right above the stove. Smoke detectors also have sensors for carbon monoxide and gas. Leaks can happen, especially in industrial buildings like warehouses or factories. 

Trigger Alarm

Once the smoke detectors are triggered, the alarm system is activated. There will be flashing lights and loud alarms going off. This will alert any occupants in the building to leave. Even if you triggered a manual fire alarm on your way out of the building, everyone must evacuate. To prevent any injuries during the evacuation, you should be practicing fire drills regularly. Accidents happen no matter the time of year.

Alert Authorities

The signal from your fire safety control panel will alert authorities as soon as the alarm system is triggered. Authorities have different response times depending on how close to the fire station you are. However, Chesapeake Sprinkler Company has over 40 years of experience ensuring fast and reliable fire safety equipment. Our control panels will alert the fire department at the first activation of the system. 

Manage Risks

When a fire alarm is activated, so are the fire safety systems in place to control the fire. Wet and dry fire sprinkler systems are popular choices to combat fires. You also have special hazard fire suppression systems available to protect property and put out fires without using water. Special hazard fire suppression systems use gas or chemicals to remove oxygen from the fire, starving it. 

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