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What Fire Safety Systems Does Your Apartment Complex Need?

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An apartment complex requires specific fire safety systems to protect its occupants.

An apartment complex requires specific fire safety systems to protect its occupants. Our fire sprinkler contractors know the intricacies of Maryland state fire safety laws and how to implement them properly. Consider getting an evaluation from our fire sprinkler contractors to enable your apartment complex to be as safe as possible. 

Alert Residents to Building Fire

For buildings with continuous and frequent occupants like an apartment complex, installing manual fire alarms is necessary. Manual fire alarms allow occupants to trigger the fire safety system on their way out of the building. Maryland state law requires a certain amount of smoke alarms in each apartment. Our fire contractors are aware of these parameters and will install smoke alarms, including hardwired smoke alarms if you choose. 

Slow the Spread

The best way to slow the spread of a fire is to have functioning fire safety equipment like fire sprinklers and fire extinguishers in each apartment. Due to the large number of occupants in the typical apartment complex, consider regularly sending out fire safety instructions and tips. Running a fire alarm drill may be worth the effort in the event of a fire. Tips that residents should be aware of are to shut doors and windows as they evacuate the building. Preventative fire safety is vital to avoid deadly consequences, so do not be afraid to inform your occupants of the proper procedure in the event of a fire. 

Types of Sprinkler Systems for Your Apartment Complex

Chesapeake Sprinkler Company offers several types of sprinkler and fire suppression systems. For buildings with a lot of people like an apartment complex, we recommend a wet or dry sprinkler system. Both put fires out by showering it in water. However, if your building has a storage or car facility that houses a wide variety of items, consider installing a special hazard fire suppression system. They release chemicals that are created to put out fires without damaging valuable property. Protecting not only your occupants, but their belongings goes a long way in keeping long-term residents happy. Talk with us today about creating a fire safety protection plan that suits your apartment complex. 

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