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Can a Lightning and Thunderstorm Affect Your Fire Alarm System?

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Fire safety systems, like any life safety system, can be affected by a thunderstorm.

Fire safety systems, like any life safety system, can be affected by a thunderstorm. Lightning is a dangerous environmental phenomenon that affects electrical devices of any kind. Not only do thunderstorms come with lightning, but they can cause floods. Like fire safety, you should practice your plans for emergencies regularly. If you have suspicions that a recent storm affected your fire safety systems, contact Chesapeake Sprinkler Company.

Power Surge

A power surge is an unexpected increase in voltage. Lightning strikes are known to cause power surges in electrical wiring, even without striking directly. If lightning strikes nearby, electricity can enter your building in many different ways, including jumping into the electrical wiring of your fire alarm system, causing a power surge. To end the possibility of a power surge affecting your fire safety systems, ask our fire sprinkler contractors about installing surge protectors. We can install surge protectors on any alarms or other fire safety systems. A popular place to put surge protectors is either the main power circuit or the circuits leading to other fire safety systems. 

Power Outage From a Thunderstorm

All life safety systems in your building should have a backup electrical source in the case of a power outage. Thunderstorms can cause heaps of destruction that could affect power lines. Chesapeake Sprinkler Company will ensure your fire safety systems adhere to the standards of the National Fire Protection Association and state laws. Regularly scheduled inspections of your fire safety equipment will prevent your building and its occupants from being left with no fire safety system. 

Other Electronic Malfunctions From Lightning

Because lightning is such a strong and fast electrical impulse, it can overload the circuits of any electrical source near the strike. In residential homes, it is common for lightning to set off smoke detectors with a power surge. It does not mean there is a small fire in the smoke detector from the excessive amount of electricity, but it does mean the smoke detector may need to be replaced. This can happen in any kind of building with smoke detectors.

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