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This is Where You Should Place Your Fire Extinguishers

The correct placement of your fire extinguishers relies on what hazards are in your building and the standards set out by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA provides safety standards to keep workers safe in the workplace. 

OSHA Requirements

According to OSHA, where you place your fire extinguishers depends on where a fire is likely to occur. The maximum distance a fire extinguisher should be away from a potential fire is 75 feet. To accomplish that, work with fire sprinkler contractors from Chesapeake Sprinkler Company to ensure your office space meets OSHA standards. Our staff has over thirty years of experience installing and maintaining fire safety systems. 

Are There Any Office-Specific Hazards?

Fires happen in any type of building and knowing what could potentially start those fires is essential. Class A ordinary materials usually cause office fires. Break rooms and kitchens pose a more likely fire threat. OSHA recommends placing your fire extinguishers 30 ft from the cooking apparatus. If placed too close to the cooking appliances, the fire extinguisher may not be accessible during a fire. Electrical and heating equipment also pose specific fire safety risks. During renovations or redesigns, the placement of your fire extinguishers should be a high priority. They should be accessible and regularly inspected to ensure they are in peak condition.

Mounting Your Fire Extinguishers

How you place your fire extinguisher in your office space depends on its size and where. To prevent them from being knocked around, OSHA recommends mounting them to the wall or placing them in wall cabinets. Here’s how high you should place your fire extinguisher depending on its size category:

  • Small fire extinguishers must weigh less than 40 pounds and should be placed so the handles are no more than five feet from the ground.
  • The heavier the fire extinguisher is, the closer to the ground it should be placed. The heavier portable fire extinguisher should have no more than three and a half feet between its handle and the floor.
  • The base of all types of portable fire extinguishers should be at least four inches from the ground. 

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