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The Advantages of Working with NICET Certified Technicians

chesapeake sprinkler NICET certified technicians

NICET certified technicians can ensure safety for your facility.

NICET Certified technicians can offer tremendous benefits when it comes to installing and maintaining your fire alarm systems. These highly-trained technicians must go through thorough testing to become certified, meaning that you can be confident that your systems will always satisfy compliance requirements. More than that, you’ll have peace of mind that your team and business assets are fully protected if a fire happens. So, what does being NICET Certified mean, and how else can it benefit your business? 

What does NICET Certified Mean? 

The NICET, or National Institute for Certification in Engineering, certification means that this technician has undergone rigorous training and is a field expert in safety. In particular, for fire alarm systems, there are four levels of certification that a technician must recertify every three years. This assures that they are up-to-date on all evolving technology, codes, regulations, and methods to keep your fire alarm systems working correctly. There are other specialties for NICET certification, so you can find a technician specializing in the types of services you need. Those services include: 

  • Construction Materials Testing
  • Highway Construction Inspection
  • Building Systems
  • Electrical Power Testing
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems
  • Inspection and Testing of Water-Based Systems
  • Special Hazards Systems
  • Water-Based Systems Layout
  • Video Security Systems 

What Are The Benefits for Your Business? 

Hiring highly qualified technicians to ensure your employee’s safety is one of the most important choices you need to make. A NICET Certified technician can not just make sure the systems you have in place are running correctly, they can also help check off a lot of mandated safety requirements. Since NICET certifications are renewed every three years, these technicians are familiar with the updated national and local code requirements and standards, including compliance with local fire department inspections. In addition, they can also satisfy insurance and health care accreditation requirements. As a bonus, utilizing NICET Certified Technicians can also reduce the cost of repairs in the long run because of proper maintenance. 

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