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An In-Depth Look At Standpipe Systems

chesapeake-sprinkler-standpipe-systemsStandpipe systems have various components, such as gauges and valves, that require different inspections. For instance, testing gauges on preaction, dry, and deluge valves is essential to ensure adequate air and water level pressures. If you’re wondering what a standpipe system is, we will explain it. Continue reading to learn how a standpipe system can help your property.

Standpipe and Hosing Systems Defined

A standpipe is a vertical, rigid water system pre-piped within multistory buildings. This system allows fire hoses to be connected so that occupants or firefighters can use water to extinguish a fire. Standpipes are designed to provide water hose lines distributed strategically throughout the building. This water system serves the same purpose as a fire hydrant system but extends it within the building. Usually, this system is found in large multistory buildings, where the facility might be far away from an outside entrance or where someone would have to drag a hose a long distance up a stairwell and on the ground.

Advantages of Standpipe Systems

Standpipe systems are an effective way to prevent the need for a building occupant or firefighter to lay a firehose up a stairwell. Fixed outlets are installed beforehand to save time during an emergency. Hoses can become heavy and slide on an incline, but standpipes don’t move. Standpipes keep stairwells clear, making it safer for occupants to evacuate. Standpipe systems also have a level of “redundancy” or the ability to replicate the central distribution water system if it should fail or become compromised by a fire or explosion.

Two Types of Standpipe Systems

Standpipe systems, similar to fire sprinkler systems, are available in different types, such as wet and dry standpipes. A dry standpipe is a fixed pipe placed with an intake near a road or driveway, allowing firefighters to add water to the system using a fire engine. Only firefighters are permitted to use dry pipes. On the other hand, building occupants can use wet standpipes with hoses. Wet standpipes are under constant water pressure and are usually equipped with hoses to ensure that building occupants can respond to fires promptly. Additionally, wet standpipes are installed horizontally on bridges.

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