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What Are The Five E’s Of Commercial Fire Safety

Commercial fire safety can be complicated. If you have been reading our content or any fire safety blogs, you must know that overloading outlets is unsafe. It would help to use the appropriate fire extinguishers to extinguish a fire and invest in proper fire sprinkler and alarm systems. You and your team should understand that you should never use the elevator to evacuate a building during a fire emergency. The point is that there are many fire safety tips to remember. A comprehensive and straightforward list can help keep you, your employees, the general public, and your building safe during a fire emergency. Chesapeake Sprinkler Company is here to provide you with that list. Take this opportunity to learn about the 5 E’s of commercial fire safety.


To ensure commercial fire safety, educating yourself and your employees about the best fire safety practices is crucial. We provide fire safety tips weekly, but the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) is also an excellent source to learn about fire safety codes, certifications, and industry standards. You should ask yourself questions about whether your building has a working smoke alarm in all necessary areas, whether your employees know how to escape in a fire emergency, and whether everyone has read and retained the company’s fire safety rules and regulations.


Engineering is vital in ensuring that your business has suitable fire protection systems. Chesapeake Sprinkler understands this and keeps its team updated on the latest technology regarding fire sprinklers and fire protection services. Our employees know that each building is unique and requires customized installation and design. For instance, a healthcare facility might need different fire protection systems than a warehouse. With us, you can rest assured that your fire protection systems are tailored to suit your specific needs.


Enforcement pertains to the building and fire codes that ensure the safety of buildings, employees, and communities. It also includes necessary maintenance inspections that prevent risks and save lives. Merely having fire protection systems in your building is not enough. Ensuring your fire systems’ safety (and people’s) through inspections, maintenance, and testing is equally important. The objective is to successfully pass your fire marshal inspections every time with excellent results.

Emergency Response 

Fire emergencies can still occur despite extensive knowledge of fire safety education. Fortunately, ambulance services and EMTs have the expertise to reduce injuries and fatalities. Business owners can also play a part in facilitating the job of fire safety personnel by taking some measures such as

  • Ensuring that hallways, entryways, and exits are not blocked by debris.
  • Keeping the riser room clutter-free.
  • Having Chesapeake Sprinkler perform testing for elevator recall systems.


Economics has a significant impact on fire safety. For instance, cleaning up after a fire can be quite expensive. Therefore, it is essential to invest more money in fire protection systems. Additionally, fire prevention grants are available for any organization or agency in the United States that supports fire prevention. Contact Chesapeake Sprinkler today to integrate commercial fire safety techniques into your business.

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