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Common Fire Hazards in Commercial Buildings

common fire hazards chesapeake sprinkler company

By dealing with fire hazards proactively, you can keep your commercial building safe from fire.

By dealing with fire hazards proactively, you can keep your commercial building safe from fire. Chesapeake Sprinkler Company has extensive experience keeping commercial buildings fire-safe. According to the National Fire Protection Association, approximately one out of every four fires in commercial buildings are caused by common fire hazards. Our wet sprinkler systems are proven to put out commercial building fires. Here are some common fire hazards to watch out for.

Electrical Equipment

In a digital world, commercial buildings have to use a lot of electricity. However, there are ways to use loads of electricity safely. Avoid overloading outlets by using surge protectors. Keep an eye on the actual cables to look for fraying wires. With cooking equipment like Keurigs or toasters, make sure they are unplugged over holidays and weekends. This will avoid fires during the time when your commercial building is vacant.  

Extension Cords

Appropriate use of extension cords is essential to avoiding outbreaks of electrical fires. Surge protectors and extension cords designed for heavy use will help prevent fires. Additionally, consider putting heavily trafficked items like copy machines on different extension cords to ensure they won’t overload the outlet. Keep all your extension cords untangled to ensure there won’t be a fire. Something you can do to protect wires that travel through an area is to tape them down with electrical tape. There are plastic covers you can get to cover the taped-down cable. 

Overheating Computers

In any commercial building, there are numerous computers. In an office setting, there are even more. Computers that are left on for an extended period of time will overheat and potentially explode. Always turn all computers off before leaving for holidays or vacations. Make it a general rule that employees shut down their computers when they are finished for the day. If your business puts a lot of strain on computers like animation, consider getting a fan attachment for your computers. It will keep the computer from overheating during the workday, extending its life and reducing the fire hazard. Smoke detectors should always be installed in a building, but consider consulting Chesapeake Sprinkler Company about the ideal placement of your smoke detectors. 

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