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Manual Fire Alarm Systems: The Fire Pull System

manual fire pull alarm Chesapeake Sprinkler Company

Manual fire alarm systems are placed near exits to be switched as people leave the area.

In addition to your automatic fire alarm system, manual fire pull alarm systems provide patrons with the ability to set the alarm off themselves. Fire pull systems are straightforward and effective. From our wealth of experience, Chesapeake Sprinkler Company can maintain and install any fire safety system you want. We work with you to find the system that fits your needs at every level.

The Types of Systems

There are three main categories of fire alarm systems: manual fire alarms, automatic fire alarms for the protection of life, and automatic fire alarms for the protection of property. Automatic fire systems specified for life protection have detectors in places of high human traffic. For fire alarm systems focused on property protection, the detectors are placed in areas with high-value equipment. Automatic fire alarm systems are what get set off from smoke detectors and other detection devices. These systems include smoke and heat detectors, manual pull stations, a control panel, a communications system, and a siren.  

Benefits of a Fire Pull System

Manual fire alarm systems are placed near exits to be switched as people leave the area. Simple to use, a fire pull system has two steps to it. Usually, a pull up and pull down or push in and pull down combination. Once activated, the alarm is locked in. These systems are connected to your automatic fire alarm system via a control panel and trigger the fire sprinkler system. Additionally, the trigger will alert the fire department. Adding a manual fire alarm to your property ensures your patrons do something if they see something; they are human detectors. 

Maintenance and Repairs

After being set off, the fire pull alarm system must be manually reset. The fire pull device is reset with a key that Chesapeake Sprinkler Company will train you how to use. In addition to regular maintenance on your fire sprinkler system, your fire alarm system must uphold state and local standards. Chesapeake Sprinkler Company offers monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual agreements for maintenance services. We offer a 24/7 customer service hotline for any needs you may have.

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