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Fire Pumps: What is it and Which one is best for you?

What is a fire pump?

Fire pump Chesapeake Sprinkler

Installation of a new fire pump.

In a fire sprinkler system, fire pumps provide high-pressure water to the system and increase the flow rate of the water. The fire pump pulls water from a resource, whether a reservoir, lake, underground water supply, or water tank with a motor that uses electricity or diesel fuel. Occasionally it can use a steam turbine.

Types of Fire Pumps

All fire pumps require a water source but some need to have a positive suction. Where the water goes into the pump must be below the waterline. A negative suction means where the water that goes into the pump can be above the waterline. 

  1. Horizontal split case pumps: defined as the most common type of fire pump. Their design makes them accessible for repairs and maintenance. They come in different sizes and carry long-term durability.
  2. Vertical split case pumps are the same as the horizontal split case but have a vertical orientation. These pumps take up less floor space for convenience and protect the motor from possible flooding conditions.
  3. Vertical in-line pumps have a vertical direction but are not as easy to maintain as the split case types. The motor needs complete removal for repairs and maintenance, but this type is compact and ideal for buildings with limited space for a pump room. 
  4. Vertical turbine pumps do not require a water source with a positive suction. Therefore, it can operate without priming. These pumps are great for underground wells and tanks.
  5. End suction pumps are a horizontal pump that is single suction that eliminates a lot of structure the other pumps have. These will cost less because of their size. 

Choosing the right pump for you

Maintenance is always vital with fire safety. All sprinkler systems can corrode and be affected by the elements. The right fire pump for your building will be decided by how much room you have, what fire sprinkler systems you use, and your water source. Maintenance of your fire sprinkler system and its pump will extend its life and protect your property from accidents. 

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