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The Importance of Fire Alarm Systems

The Importance of Fire Alarm Systems

Chesapeake Sprinkler Company is here to provide excellent fire alarm services.

The world can be a dangerous place, but it can be less dangerous if everyone is prepared for an emergency. Commercial properties have the obligation for enhanced safety practices more than other premises due to their high occupancy. In commercial facilities, fire is a threat that can do significant and widespread damage. Along with fire suppression systems, fire alarm systems are vital to the potential for ensuring life safety.

An Early Warning

Fire alarm systems consist of various components. These components include smoke and heat detectors, manual pull stations, communication systems, a control panel, sirens, strobe lights, and possibly a voice evacuation system. At the onset of smoke or flame, the system will alert the building and direct people to safety as efficiently as possible.

The Danger of Inaccuracy

A fire alarm may be useful in and of itself, but it is much more valuable when well-maintained. One that is inadequate or in poor repair can be far riskier to lives and property. If the alarm frequently goes off when no real problem exists, people may start to disregard its signals. If the signals are disregarded for any reason, loss of life can occur.

Fire Alarm Services

To keep your fire alarm system in check, you’ll need to acquire professional fire alarm services such as inspecting and testing. It is necessary to test components of the systems weekly, monthly, semi-annually, and yearly. The more frequent inspections involve visually checking for damage, while the latter involves professionals testing the system itself. You can trust Chesapeake Sprinkler Company to faithfully maintain your fire alarm system and other fire protection devices.

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Chesapeake Sprinkler Company is a leading fire sprinkler contractor in the region, which is now a 100% employee-owned (ESOP) company. As a full-service fire protection company, we offer design, fabrication, installation, testing, maintenance, and inspection of fire protection systems. Everything you need from your fire suppression specialist. 

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