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Fire Alarm System Maintenance

Fire Alarm System Maintenance

Need fire alarm maintenance services? Contact Chesapeake Sprinkler Company!

The fire alarm system is one of the most significant parts of fire protection. While they may not do anything to put out a fire themselves, they save countless lives by literally “sounding the alarm.” Any building manager knows that fire alarm system maintenance is a high priority for ensuring the safety of occupants’ lives and property. Here’s what you need to know in order to obtain the best fire alarm system maintenance services possible.

Importance of Fire Alarm System Testing

Fire alarm systems consist of more than just sirens and strobe lights. They connect to smoke or flame detectors strategically located around the premises. Some alarms connect to a manual pull station. At the first trigger of smoke, heat, or human intervention, the alarms must go off at once. If the system does not work correctly, massive losses can occur. It isn’t enough to have a high-quality fire alarm system in place; proper maintenance is also necessary to have sufficient fire protection.

Why Choose a Fire Protection Company?

If you are looking to maintain your building’s fire alarm system yourself, you will have to understand what skills and expertise are required to do the job professionally. Remember that failing to provide adequate fire protection in commercial facilities has serious, even criminal consequences. Some companies may send building staff to training courses, but it may be easier and more affordable to hire a third party fire protection service provider instead. They specialize in fire alarm system maintenance and other related services, performing their work every day. If your location is in Maryland, Chesapeake Sprinkler Company is happy to help.

Fire Alarm System Maintenance

Different fire alarm systems may have varying lifespans, but in general, they may last for up to 15 years. Some buildings may have systems approaching 20 years old, in which case a replacement is the safest solution. Within its time, a fire alarm system may have minimal issues at first, and gradually begin to break down due to environmental wear and tear like humidity and temperature. How well it is maintained will also affect its condition long-term. Commercial buildings need to follow the national, regional, and local guidelines regarding the timing of inspections and testing. 

Contact Chesapeake Sprinkler Company Today!

Chesapeake Sprinkler Company is a leading fire sprinkler contractor in the region, which is now a 100% employee-owned (ESOP) company. As a full-service fire protection company, we offer design, fabrication, installation, testing, maintenance, and inspection of fire protection systems. Everything you need from your fire suppression specialist. 

For more information, please email or call our Odenton location at 410-674-7041, our Ashburn location at 703-729-5150, or for service / maintenance Chesapeake Protection Services at 410-674-7577. For emergencies, call 800-298-3473 (FIRE). Feel free to keep in touch through Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn!

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