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Sprinkler Systems in the Winter

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Weather protection for your sprinkler system is essential in hot and cold climates.

Weather protection for your sprinkler system is essential in hot and cold climates. Freezing winters can disrupt any safety measures you may have. Planning for them protects all people and property involved. 

Keeping Things Flowing in Freezing Temperatures Without Flooding

Winter brings with it snow and freezing temperatures. Keep your safety measures in peak condition by planning for inclement weather. Frozen pipes can burst or flood entire buildings if left untreated. With wet sprinkler systems, there is water flowing in the pipes. If these pipes freeze and do not burst, it is possible that when they defrost, they will explode. Burst pipes will flood the building they are in, sometimes costing catastrophic damage. Regular maintenance and preventative measures like an antifreeze loop will prevent this. For outdoor or unheated areas, an antifreeze loop is added to the line to lower the temperature of the water and keep it from freezing. 

More Weather Protection for Wet Sprinkler Systems

Additional preventative measures for wet sprinkler systems are practical and valuable. For example, you can use insulation for areas without heating. Making sure your heat is on and the vents are working well can save you time and money on flood damage by preventing the pipes from freezing.

Dry Sprinkler Systems

Dry sprinkler systems hold air that contains moisture. Usually, the moisture drains from the low point drains in the system. However, if the air is not moving correctly or the line has awkward low points, the moisture can gather and freeze instead of draining. Before winter starts and the temperature drops, it is advised that a technician come out and evaluate your dry sprinkler system to avoid condensation collection. At the annual inspection, Chesapeake Sprinkler Company will evaluate how your sprinkler system runs, including the low point drains. If you have separate buildings, a mixture of fire sprinkler systems is possible. Dry sprinkler systems are ideal for outdoor structures or areas without heating because they don’t need insulation or an antifreeze loop to keep from freezing. As with any safety system, weather protection requires annual inspections. Regardless of the type of sprinkler system you choose, Chesapeake Sprinkler Company will help you keep your people and property safe. 

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