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Dry Sprinkler Systems: Ideal for Select Buildings and Outdoor Structures

dry sprinkler systems

For commercial business owners, you should know that select building types and outdoor structures are viable to have dry sprinkler systems professionally installed.

While it may be hot in the summertime, your business might be constructing buildings or structures that will be ready for use in the fall. Commercial business owners should know that select building types and outdoor structures are viable to have dry sprinkler systems professionally installed if they will be prone to reach freezing temperatures. The professional installation of a dry sprinkler system is ideal for select buildings and structures that have the capability of reaching freezing temperatures. The reason why? Wet sprinkler systems are not suitable for buildings that can reach freezing temperatures because water can freeze in pipes, rendering the fire safety system unusable in an emergency. 

Select Commercial Buildings Benefit from Dry Sprinkler System Installations

It’s best to install dry sprinkler systems in select buildings that will be prone to reach freezing temperatures in the fall or wintertime. These buildings and structures include unheated warehouses, multi-level parking garages, freezers in restaurants, loading docks, attics in commercial buildings, and many more. The professional installation of a dry sprinkler system is ideal for any structures and unheated buildings susceptible to outdoor temperature shifts. An unheated building or outdoor structure with a wet sprinkler system installed would be rendered useless due to water freezing in pipes and the potential for pipes to break. Thus, a dry sprinkler system can ensure that your commercial building and all occupants are protected in a fire emergency. 

How Dry Sprinkler Systems Are Effective in Unheated Buildings and Structures

Dry sprinkler systems do not hold any water within the fire system’s pipes until the system is signaled to operate through heat detection. This differentiates from wet sprinkler systems that contain water within pipes, potentially freezing or breaking in an unheated building or structure. A dry sprinkler system is manufactured with closed sprinkler heads connected to pipes that are solely filled with compressed air or nitrogen. Upon heat activation of a single sprinkler head, the compressed air or nitrogen within the pipes releases, and a dry valve opens up to allow water to rush through the individual sprinkler system head to douse a fire. 

The Difference Between Dry Sprinkler Systems and Wet Sprinkler Systems

Dry sprinkler systems are advantageous over wet sprinkler systems in unheated buildings and structures due to the lack of frozen pipes or pipe breakage that can occur. This means that you solely have to focus on maintaining your sprinkler system through routine maintenance and annual checkups to ensure that it’s in proper working condition. Interested in installing a professional dry sprinkler system? Contact Chesapeake Sprinkler Company today!

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