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Commercial Business Safety with Fire Protection Systems in Maryland

fire safety systems

These top three fire protection systems can help secure your business in the event of a fire as an alternative to wet sprinkler systems.

Chesapeake Sprinkler Company has provided fire safety systems and services to commercial businesses located throughout Maryland since 1978. As one of the most relied upon fire protection companies within the DMV, Chesapeake Protection Services was established in 1988 to accommodate a growing demand for our services and expertise. The safety of all commercial businesses has been our number one priority since the very beginning. We work as a one-stop-shop to ensure high-quality fire safety systems, fire protection tools, and maintenance to commercial businesses with highly-trained technicians on our team. We can equip your commercial business with fire safety systems to protect all building occupants and property from the threat of a fire. For some commercial companies, they seek out these top three fire protection systems to help secure their business in the event of a fire as an alternative to wet sprinkler systems.

Fire Protection: Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems

Pre-action fire sprinkler systems are ideal for commercial buildings that might potentially lose valuable assets when facing the threat of water from wet sprinkler systems in the event of a fire. Pre-action fire sprinkler systems can be an ideal fire protection tool for museums, libraries, electrical rooms, freezers, and offices with extensive electronics. In comparison to wet sprinkler systems that hold water within the pipes to be released immediately in the event of a fire, pre-action fire sprinkler systems hold back water through piping filled with air or nitrogen. Water will not be released until the system is instructed by a fire detection system. This can help ensure that valuables are not damaged by water in the event of a false alarm.

Foam Sprinkler Systems

For some commercial businesses, wet sprinkler systems filled solely with water cannot adequately control a fire caused by a liquid. In this case, foam sprinkler systems should be installed within the commercial building. Foam sprinkler systems are appropriate for manufacturing and processing facilities, warehouses, marinas, refineries, distillation plants, and other facilities where a fire is more likely to be caused by a liquid. A foam sprinkler system combines water with a foaming agent to blanket the fire and ensure that the fire cannot re-ignite, making it safer for building occupants to exit and fire safety professionals to assess the damage. 

Deluge Sprinkler Systems

Deluge sprinkler systems are appropriate for large commercial buildings with extensive ground to cover that would benefit from the mass release of water. Deluge sprinkler systems are designed to always be open and release a massive torrent of water through all sprinkler systems at the same time. This particular fire sprinkler system is well-suited for buildings with extensive equipment where fire can spread incredibly quickly, like power plants and processing facilities. Interested in learning more about which fire sprinkler system is best suited for your commercial building? Contact Chesapeake Sprinkler Company today!

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Chesapeake Sprinkler Company is a leading fire sprinkler contractor in the region, which is now a 100% employee-owned (ESOP) company. As a full-service fire protection company, we offer design, fabrication, installation, testing, maintenance, and inspection of fire protection systems. Everything you need from your fire suppression specialist.

For more information, please email or call our Odenton location at 410-674-7041, our Ashburn location at 703-729-5150, or for service / maintenance Chesapeake Protection Services at 410-674-7577. For emergencies, call 800-298-3473 (FIRE). Feel free to keep in touch through Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn!

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