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Fire Protection in Historic Buildings

fire protection

By protecting historical buildings from potential fire damage, you can help preserve important American history.

Maryland is filled with historic architecture that’s been turned into historical landmarks for industrial buildings and commercial businesses. Older buildings often have special needs to preserve the property, including a well-working fire protection system. One of the leading causes of historical loss in society is often due to fire. An investment in a high-quality, effective system can help ensure that history isn’t lost in a devastating fire. By protecting historical buildings from potential fire damage, you can help preserve important American history. Chesapeake Sprinkler Company can help design, fabricate, and install your Fire Protection System.

Protection in Historic Buildings: Challenges 

Often, owners of a historical building can face concerns about effectively implementing a system without damaging the building’s interior or any essential artifacts. While it’s easy to install a system within a modernized commercial building because construction materials can easily be replaced, installation needs to be handled with complete care to ensure fire safety.

Historic Buildings Require Retrofitting

In comparison to newly built commercial buildings that install an updated Fire Protection System during construction, historic buildings require retrofitting to incorporate an updated Fire Protection System. Retrofitting involves installing a system without disrupting the historic nature of the building while considering modern fire codes and regulations within the state of Maryland. For historic buildings, code NFPA 914 outlines the standard for fire protection systems within historic buildings. 

Can Historic Buildings Implement Fire Suppression and Detection Systems?

The answer is simply: yes! Implementing a clean agent fire suppression system can help protect historic buildings from fire damage while preserving the structural integrity of a building. A traditional fire sprinkler system might potentially destroy historical artifacts through water damage, so it’s vital to install a system that activates a fire suppression system while alerting all building occupants of the fire.¬†

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