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Implementing Special Hazard Fire Suppression Systems in Buildings

special hazard fire suppression systems

Special hazard fire suppression systems are installed inside of buildings where a traditional fire alarm system may not adequately suppress a fire.

Implementing a special hazard fire suppression system is often necessary inside a building containing hazardous materials or irreplaceable items that may be destroyed by water damage through a traditional sprinkler system. Special hazard fire suppression systems are installed inside buildings where a conventional fire alarm system may not adequately suppress a fire. These specific suppression systems are expertly designed and installed by Chesapeake Protection Services, which has provided chemical, foam, and fire protection gas systems for over 20 years. By installing and ensuring adequate testing of your Special Hazard Fire Suppression Systems, you can help mitigate extensive damage to your building.

What Type of Buildings Benefit from Special Hazard Systems?

If your building or facility needs an immediate response to a fire while limiting water damage, you may benefit from a special hazard system installation. Chesapeake Protection Services expertly designs special hazard fire suppression systems that can help limit your overall property damage and financial loss due to fire damage. Our chemical, foam, and fire protection gas systems effectively suppress fires when adequately installed and maintained by our experienced technicians.

How Does a Special Hazard Fire Suppression System Work?

Chesapeake Protection Systems designs fire suppression systems to detect fires at the beginning stages. These stages, like increased heat and smoke activity, signal the fire alarm system to activate. Upon activation, the system will release a substance to extinguish the fire. Alternatively, specific systems can manually be activated to release. 

Protecting Your Facility with a Special Hazard Fire Suppression System

It’s critical to invest in a suppression system if you’re looking to protect your building from extensive fire damage through a quick-response system that employs upon the beginning stages of a fire. This is particularly important in facilities that contain highly hazardous and flammable materials that may increase the risk of a fire rapidly spreading throughout the building. This can cause immeasurable damage and loss, which your facility is ultimately responsible for. Contact Chesapeake Protection Services today!

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