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Fire Suppression Systems to Install in Your Office

chesapeake sprinkler fire suppression systems

Fire suppression systems are key for preventing fires from spreading.

For an office setting, where different types of electronics can be found, regular fire suppression systems that rely on water might cause heavy damage to the equipment. Therefore, clean agent suppression systems are becoming increasingly popular among companies, as they provide protection from fire without the consequences of water damage on computers and other sensitive devices.

Read below to learn more about these fire suppression systems and how they can be the right fit for your business.

What are Clean Agent Systems?

To substitute water, these fire suppression systems utilize gaseous substances to smother the fire. Clean agents inhibit the combustion, which requires oxygen, fuel and heat, to extinguish the flames effectively. Combining clean agent suppression systems with early fire detection systems boost their effectiveness, as they get to put out the fire before it spreads around.

What are the Types of Clean Agents?

  • FM-200: As a non-ozone depleting option, this agent is safe to use around people, making FM-200 the most common clean agent system. Its effectiveness also has great coverage, suppressing class A, B, and C fires.
  • CO2: These fire suppression systems use highly concentrated carbon dioxide gas to push out the oxygen in a room and stop a fire from combusting. CO2 extinguishes fires very quickly but is not adequate in places occupied by people.
  • Halon 1301: Banned since 1994 due to its environmental impact, it is no longer manufactured, but older buildings that had it installed prior to the ban are still allowed to use and maintain it.
  • INERGEN: Combining argon, carbon dioxide and nitrogen gasses, fire suppression systems using this clean agent put out fires effectively and are considered environmentally friendly.

What are The Benefits of Fire Suppression Systems?

There are many upsides to implementing a clean agent fire suppression system in your office or commercial building, including:

  • Quick response time: Using clean agents helps put down a fire faster, and depending on the magnitude of the flames, they can completely extinguish them in ten seconds or less.
  • Minimal damage to the property: By not using water or leaving any traces behind, these fire suppression systems will fight fires without damaging any equipment or electronic devices.
  • Reduced downtime: By requiring minimal clean-up, if any, and protecting the integrity of your computers and other equipment, the business downtime after a fire is significantly reduced, compared to using other fire suppression systems.

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