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Why You Should Test Your Fire Pump

chesapeake sprinkler fire pump

Test your fire pump to ensure that it will work when you need it.

Fire suppression systems are the backbone of fire safety for every building, and what makes this layer of defense work to fight a fire threat is the fire pump. This device will activate in the event of a fire and kick into action the whole system. Fire pumps are a saver that can protect lives and your establishment from a major disaster, which is why you want to ensure it’s working as smoothly as possible.

Frequently testing your fire pump guarantees that it will respond effectively in the case of an emergency. Learn more about the method, frequency, and important things to look out for to have optimal fire suppression in your business.

Fire Pump Inspections and Testing

Given the leading role of the fire pump in fire suppression systems, regular inspections are required to ensure it is in shape and ready to respond if necessary. Schedule a thorough annual revision of your fire pumps with a NICET-certified engineer who has the corresponding qualifications to properly inspect and test your equipment.

How Often Should You Test The Pumps?

The testing schedule varies depending on the model of fire pump that your system uses. NFPA 25 can be tested on a monthly basis. Others might need a weekly checkup, with electric pumps needing a 10-minute revision every week and diesel-powered fire pumps requiring a weekly 30-minute test to ensure all components are in optimal shape.

Independently of the inspection intervals, make sure to follow an established schedule and have it documented according to the federal and state requirements. Fire pump system testing and maintenance are required by law for all equipment to meet the NFPA 25 Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems. This mandate ensures all fire suppression systems can function reliably in the event of an emergency.

How is a Fire Pump Tested?

When a fire pump system inspection is being conducted, the team of specialists will test water pressure, discharge valves, pump packing and all the different components. During the test, the system will be thoroughly evaluated to detect any leaks, vibrations, or noises that might signal damage to the fire pump. 

The inspection focus also varies depending on the type of checkup. Annual inspections will work more towards motor, transmission and hydraulic system maintenance, while weekly or monthly testing will check for the general integrity of all the fire pump’s components. This process also includes testing pump operation, alarm signal, ventilation louvers and flow test.

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