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Fire Suppression Systems To Keep Your Commercial Property Safe

Fire Sprinklers and Fire Suppression Systems: Differences

Commercial buildings require reliable fire suppression systems to ensure the safety of their occupants and assets. With various options available, selecting the appropriate system for your business can be challenging. However, Chesapeake Sprinkler Company can help you make an informed decision by thoroughly inspecting your property and providing expert advice on the right fire safety system for your building. In the following text, we will discuss some of the different types of fire suppression systems that you can choose from.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems are an essential part of fire protection in buildings. They use water to extinguish flames, and the type of sprinkler system installed depends on the building’s function. Well-insulated or climate-controlled buildings, such as workplaces or places where people gather frequently, are best suited for wet sprinkler systems. On the other hand, dry sprinkler systems are ideal for storage facilities and warehouses because they don’t require temperature regulation. Understanding the type of sprinkler system that suits your building’s function is crucial for effective fire suppression.

Industrial Fire Suppression Systems

In industrial settings, fires can occur for various reasons, and it’s vital to have adequate fire suppression systems to mitigate the risks. The industrial fire suppression system is one such system that uses specific chemicals such as ABC or BC powder instead of water to extinguish fires. These chemicals work by neutralizing combustible substances or oils that cause the fire. While this system effectively puts out fires in industrial settings, it can leave behind residue that can damage delicate equipment and priceless items like paintings. However, buildings with people in them can safely use this fire suppression system.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

The clean agent fire suppression system is an effective fire prevention device that utilizes an odorless gas to extinguish fires by removing the oxygen from a space. As oxygen is the vital force that fuels a fire, removing it will cause the fire to go out. However, it is essential to note that this fire suppression device is unsuitable for use in areas where people are present due to the potential health risks associated with using certain gases. This fire safety system is commonly recommended in data centers and warehouses that house valuable goods. One of the key advantages of a clean agent fire suppression system is that it does not leave any residue, unlike industrial fire suppression systems that can leave behind damaging residues that require extensive cleanup.

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