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Helpful Tips For Avoiding Local Fire Code Violations

Chesapeke-Sprinkler-Fire-Safety-ViolationsIt is essential to prioritize safety and security regarding fire protection in a building. Installing a fire protection system is crucial in ensuring all occupants’ safety, including employees, coworkers, and neighbors. To meet fire code requirements, it is necessary to have a functional fire protection system that is regularly inspected. However, some typical issues may impede the proper functioning of your fire protection system and even violate local codes. Avoiding these fire protection system problems can help you ensure your system always functions correctly.

Blocked Fire Exits 

It is crucial to prioritize the safety of everyone in your building by ensuring that fire exits are easily accessible and visible. To achieve this, keeping the area around the emergency exits clear of any clutter that might obstruct the exit is essential. You should also ensure that there are no obstacles to any exit doors used by customers or employees. Keeping fire exits visible and accessible is a simple yet effective approach to guarantee that your fire prevention systems meet the necessary standards during inspections.

No Access To Fire Alarm Pull Stations

It is expected to find fire alarm pull stations installed in most modern buildings. However, it has been observed that sometimes people unintentionally obstruct these pull stations with various items such as furniture, plants, or other objects. In an emergency, all fire alarm pull stations must be easily accessible and not blocked. Therefore, it is advisable to mark the surroundings of these pull stations to ensure their visibility. If you come across any obstructions, it is recommended to remove them immediately and remind the person who placed them there that they must keep these areas free from any obstacles. Clear and unobstructed access to fire alarm pull stations can significantly save lives during an emergency.

Air Diffusers Near Or Around Smoke Detectors

Dirty and dusty smoke detector sensors can cause false alarms in fire safety systems if air diffusers are placed too close. To prevent this, it is vital to ensure enough space between the smoke detectors and the air diffusers to avoid pollution that can trigger the sensors. By maintaining this distance, you can keep your fire safety system functioning correctly and avoid unnecessary disruptions or false alarms.

Dirty Smoke Detectors Within Your Ducting 

It is crucial to ensure that all smoke detectors installed in the ductwork of your air handling system are clean, tested, and functional. In large buildings, air handling systems can be pretty complex, and dust systems and smoke detectors are often installed in ducts. These detectors are designed to detect smoke from filters, motors, and fans and alert you in time to take appropriate action. However, air filters in an air handling system get a lot of air and can quickly fill up with dust and debris. As a result, they must be changed frequently. Regular cleaning or replacement of air filters in the ducting and maintenance of smoke detectors are necessary for your fire protection system to be effective.

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