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Four Benefits Of Custom Fire Alarm Systems

Chesapeake Sprinkler Company Custom Fire Alarm SystemsOwners of commercial buildings need to understand the difference between a generic and custom fire alarm setup. A generic fire alarm setup typically consists of essential items such as fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers. However, such a setup may not provide adequate protection in a fire emergency if the detection and alarm systems malfunction. To ensure that every part of your building is protected, you can opt for a custom fire alarm system designed by the experts at Chesapeake Sprinkler

A Custom Fire Alarm System Addresses Your Business Needs

The NFPA requires building owners to have fire alarms spaced and installed a maximum of 20 feet apart from each other in commercial buildings. This becomes challenging in smaller offices, hallways, or uniquely shaped spaces that the detectors can’t cover adequately. Therefore, fire protection systems installed by professionals that adequately cover an entire building offer the best protection. These systems can be customized, scalable, and adjusted to building structure changes.

Comprehensive Fire Alarm Systems  

A customized fire alarm system entails more than the typical smoke detectors and alarms. Advanced setups have the latest technology, user-friendly interfaces, and intelligent detection mechanisms. These setups may include air sampling devices that detect contaminants such as gases, vapors, dust, and fibers. They may also feature two-way voice service for the rescue area and elevators, landline and cell equipment monitoring, and remote system access.

More Affordable Maintenance Costs

Replacing a fire alarm system is a costly affair. The system must be complete and function cohesively to provide adequate protection. Therefore, you may have to start from scratch when a generic system fails. In contrast, specialized systems will have a warranty to cover any issues, and you will have quick access to repairs or replacement parts. After the initial installation, our team will periodically inspect the system to ensure it functions correctly. Detecting minor issues early on will reduce maintenance costs.

Faster Response Times

It’s important to note that not all fire alarm systems are designed to contact the fire department immediately upon detecting smoke in a building. While these systems alarm to warn occupants, someone still needs to call emergency services manually. Although fire sprinkler systems can help put out flames, it’s always a good idea to have multiple ways to prevent loss of life and protect your commercial property. Specialized fire alarm systems automatically contact the local fire department if smoke or fire is available. This can significantly reduce property damage as firefighters will arrive promptly to put out the fire.

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