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Here Are Five Basic Components of Fire Alarm Systems

Chesapeake Sprinkler Company Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems are necessary for your property

Fire alarm systems are critical in safeguarding the safety of any structure or commercial property by detecting and warning building occupants of any emergencies that arise. They are highly complex because they comprise various parts, devices, and functionalities. Listed below are some essential components of fire alarm systems.

Fire Alarm Control Panel

The fire alarm control panel monitors and regulates the system’s initiation devices. When an initiating device is activated, it sends a signal to the control panel, causing the notification devices or the alarm to activate. The control panel also allows you to manually control the system and monitor its condition, allowing you to spot problems as they arise.

Fire Alarm Initiating Devices

In an emergency, initiating devices are in charge of activating the system. There are two types of starting devices: manual and automatic. Manually initiating devices need you to manually pull a switch or lever to activate the alarm. When heat, smoke, flames, or gas are detected, automatic initiating systems go into action. The following are examples of manual and automatic initiation devices:

  • Pull stations
  • Alarm buttons
  • Duct detectors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Beam detectors
  • Heat detectors
  • Flame detectors
  • Tamper switches
  • Air aspirating detectors
  • CO2 detectors

Fire Alarm Notification Devices

Notification devices alert building inhabitants to the presence of a fire or emergency. They can be designed to give visual and audio messages pertinent to various circumstances, and they should include the following:

  • Strobes
  • Alarms
  • Bells
  • Horns
  • Sirens
  • Chimes
  • Voice Evacuation

Primary Power Supply

The majority of fire alarm systems require a primary and backup power supply. The direct power supply is often supplied by a 120- or 240-Volt AC power source provided by your property’s utility company.

Backup Power Supply

As previously stated, a backup power supply is required for fire alarm systems if the primary power fails or is turned off. A backup power supply often uses six or 12-volt batteries to ensure your fire alarm system continues functioning even when the power is off.

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