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How Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems and Nitrogen Generators Align

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This article discusses how dry pipe sprinkler systems align and why making the switch might be worth it.

As the use of dry pipe sprinkler systems has increased, so has the concern about the impact of corrosion on these systems. For this reason, nitrogen is the preferred option to keep the pipes pressurized compared to compressed air. Many owners of dry pipe sprinkler systems assume a nitrogen-based system will be expensive. However, nitrogen generators in dry pipe systems are cost-effective. Are you on the fence about if nitrogen generators are an excellent investment for your business? If so, we’ll discuss how dry pipe sprinkler systems align and why making the switch might be worth it.

How Nitrogen Generators Prevent Corrosion in Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems

Nitrogen is a stable, inert gas that doesn’t react with the metal pipe. In nitrogen-based dry sprinkler systems, about 98% or more of the compressed air becomes replaced with nitrogen gas. After an annual trip test (ensures pipe valves function correctly), with a dew point of -58 degrees, any moisture remaining in the pipes cannot condense. Additionally, corrosion can no longer occur by eliminating almost all of the compressed air within the pipes.

The air we breathe is about 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen, and the remainder contains tiny amounts of other gases like carbon dioxide. Nitrogen generators work by pulling the nitrogen from the air with an air compressor. As this happens, the air passes through a membrane that purifies the nitrogen, so there isn’t any other oxygen or gases fed into the dry pipe system. It’s possible for there to be deliveries of the nitrogen needed for a dry pipe system to run correctly. However, high fees are associated with the continuous delivery of high-pressure nitrogen tanks. Additionally, it takes extra space to store these tanks.

The Benefits

1. Reduced Pipe Leaks and Bursts: Nitrogen-based systems eliminate the corrosion that causes pipes to leak or burst, meaning that you can look forward to fewer maintenance or repair calls and spending less money.

2. Nitrogen-based Systems Last Longer: Since compressed air causes corrosion, this system doesn’t last as long as a nitrogen generator. Several factors affect how long dry pipe sprinklers will last. However, you might consider upgrading to a black galvanized steel nitrogen generator for the best cost and performance.

3. Less Maintenance: The main concern associated with nitrogen generators is ensuring that the nitrogen system meets the “98% or more nitrogen” requirement. Modern monitoring technology can test the purity. Otherwise, manual systems will require weekly checks. Additionally, annual maintenance includes changing the filters that clean the air before entering the unit. Also, it’s still vital to check the filter, belts, and oil as a part of routine maintenance for any dry pipe system. The valves and electronic components that control the process don’t require much tending.

By now, you’re probably thinking, “How do Chesapeake Sprinkler’s services fit into this?” We professionally inspect, test, and maintain nitrogen generators as we would your fire sprinkler and alarm systems. Contact us today to learn more.

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