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The Importance of Fire Protection Design Services

chesapeake sprinkler fire protection design services

Excellent fire protection design services reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

The proper fire protection design and subsequent installation, testing, certification, and maintenance of fire protection systems are mandatory for building codes. While there is a legal requirement, a high-quality design impacts your ability to receive and continue with insurance for your property and assets. In addition, an excellent fire protection design reduces ongoing maintenance costs. Here is a deeper dive into the importance of fire protection design services.

Buildings Need Fire Protection Services

Every commercial property needs fire protection, and many active and passive fire protection system requirements exist. Active systems apply to sprinklers, fire detection, and alarm systems that require activation. However, “passive” refers to built-in structural components safeguarding people’s lives, such as fire doors, fire-resistant coating, exits, and egress (an unobstructed path to leave buildings, structures, and spaces).

The design starts with an architect, building designer, and other engineers based on the approved design or building permits. All systems and services require installation, commissioning, and certification before the building has an occupancy permit issued. In addition, they require routine testing and maintenance according to the approved design and need annual inspections. When done, all the care and servicing of these systems go in the building maintenance manual. Even if your building isn’t new, you should always contact professionals to ensure that your fire protection equipment isn’t outdated, requires repairs, and runs accurately.

What Our Team Can Do for You

A well-designed system means its construction has a holistic approach with the design team, owner, and certifiers collaborating. The design will consider the building’s size, use, geometry, occupancy, and existing systems. Compliance with the building code is the first objective. However, our team will create a customized, cost-effective plan based on your budget and needs while ensuring that your building is operationally ready. Also, our design team will prepare a design report with technical drawings and completion requirements. Plus, we keep our employees trained on the latest technology to ensure they never falter in providing our clients with the best services.

The Benefits

When you hire Chesapeake Sprinkler for fire protection design services, it ensures that you prevent these things:

  1. Loss of Life
  2. Property Damage
  3. Downtime in the use of a building
  4. Liability Claims

Contact Chesapeake Sprinkler today so that we ensure your building is up to code and safe to operate.

Contact Chesapeake Sprinkler Company Today!

Chesapeake Sprinkler Company is a leading fire sprinkler contractor in the region, which is now a member of the Century Fire Protection family. As a full-service fire protection company, we offer design, fabrication, installation, testing, maintenance, and inspection of fire protection systems. Everything you need from your fire suppression specialist.

For more information, please email or call our Odenton location at 410-674-7041, our Ashburn location at 703-729-5150, or for service/maintenance at 410-674-7577. For emergencies, call 800-298-3473 (FIRE). Feel free to keep in touch through Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn!

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