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What to do if Fire Sprinkler Pipes Burst

Chesapeake Sprinkler Burst Pipes

Here’s what you should do if your pipes burst.

Freezing temperatures can be hazardous to pipes. However, age can also take a toll on a fire sprinkler system. You might be familiar with homeowners’ issues with external water systems and hoses, and businesses can face these problems too, but on a much larger scale. The best solution is to have a proactive fire protection company regularly review your fire sprinkler and pipe system, ensuring that these systems work correctly. When fire sprinkler pipes burst, there are a few steps you’ll need to take to reduce the chances of damage to your building and physical assets. Here are a few suggestions and steps to take if this happens. 

Review and Prep Your Fire Sprinkler System Annually 

Before the weather changes, it’s best to review your entire fire protection system to ensure everything works correctly and prepare for the extra stress a weather change can cause. This review and preparation include checking your sprinkler system to ensure all lights and sirens work effectively. Dry sprinkler systems also need a regular check to ensure they have sufficient heat and their location isn’t too far from the valves. 

Regular Maintenance Tips

If you’ve been adhering to the maintenance suggestions of your system, and completing your scheduled reviews, burst fire sprinkler pipes are straightforward. With a wet sprinkler system, there will be water in the pipes at all times, which can freeze quickly and cause a leak if you aren’t cautious. However, pipes do not generally burst in the frozen section. Instead, there will likely be a pressure build-up before the frozen section, where the rupture will likely occur. We suggest doing a visual inspection of pipes during cold months to see if they are bulging or places where pipes look worn. 

Immediate Steps to Take if Fire Sprinkler Pipes Burst

Sometimes a burst sprinkler pipe is inevitable, even with all the maintenance in the world. If this happens, we suggest you take a deep breath and refrain from panicking. You can get through this unfortunate situation with minimum damage by following these four steps: 

  1. Turn off the water leading to the area immediately. 
  2. Call your fire protection company for assistance. 
  3. Heat the pipe to protect the overall system from additional damage by gently applying heat, such as towels soaked in hot water. 
  4. Trickle water back into the system slowly while checking for additional leaks or cracks during this process. 

Do you need a new fire sprinkler installed? Call Chesapeake Sprinkler today to keep your occupants and building safer. 

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