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How Can Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems Help You?


Deluge fire sprinkler systems are highly recommended for fire suppression in hazardous or industrial settings with a potential risk of a large fire. Unlike conventional sprinkler systems, where water flows from a single sprinkler head, deluge systems are designed to simultaneously release a large volume of water or other fire retardants through all the system’s sprinkler heads. A deluge system may be the best choice if you consider installing a fire sprinkler system. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of these systems.

What Are The Capabilities Of Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems?

In this system, a deluge valve is installed, which floods all the sprinkler heads with water if the smoke or heat detectors detect a fire. This differs from traditional closed sprinkler head systems, which use pressurized lines to disperse water only in the areas where heat or smoke is detected.

In What Setting Do They Work Best?

Deluge fire sprinkler systems are highly effective fire protection systems designed to combat high-hazard industrial fires. They are commonly installed in facilities that handle or store flammable chemicals, such as chemical plants, aircraft hangars, and oil extraction facilities. Unlike conventional sprinkler systems, deluge systems use open nozzles connected to a piping system constantly filled with pressurized water or other fire-suppressant chemicals.

The system is activated by a heat or smoke detector, which triggers the release of the suppressant, creating a deluge of water or chemicals that quickly extinguishes the fire. Deluge fire sprinkler systems can be configured to use a variety of fire-suppressant substances, depending on the facility’s specific needs, making them a versatile and reliable fire protection solution.

How Much Maintenance Do These Systems Require?

Regular inspections ensure the system functions correctly and the piping is corrosion-free. Following maintenance schedules is vital, as there are many parts to a deluge fire sprinkler system. Certain parts require inspection weekly, while others should be checked annually. For example, pressure gauges and valves should be checked weekly to ensure adequate pressure in the system and that the valves are open. 

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