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Types Of Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems For Your Business

Chesapeake-sprinkler-fire-sprinkler-systemIn a fire emergency, fire sprinkler systems help prevent the spread of fire and minimize property damage. When selecting one for your property, there are four fire sprinkler systems: wet pipe, dry pipe, pre-action, and deluge. Keep reading to understand the commonly used fire sprinkler systems better.

Wet Pipe Systems

The wet pipe fire sprinkler system is widely used to prevent fires. Water fills the sprinkler pipes, but the location of the pipes must be kept above 40 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent the water from freezing. If a fire occurs, the fusible link or glass bulb will reach a specific temperature and break, allowing water to flow through the sprinkler heads. These sprinkler systems are commonly installed in office buildings, high-rise buildings, schools, and other buildings with potential fire hazards.

Dry Pipe Systems

Dry pipe fire sprinkler systems are similar to wet pipe systems but are filled with pressurized air instead of water. This air pressure prevents water from entering the system. However, when the sprinkler detects increasing temperatures, it activates and releases the air pressure, allowing water to flow out of the sprinkler heads and into the pipes. Dry pipe systems are suitable for storage in areas with freezing temperatures, such as unheated warehouses and parking garages.

Pre-Action Systems

Instead of water, pre-action fire sprinklers contain pressurized air, similar to dry pipe fire sprinklers. These systems are activated through a two-step process. Firstly, a fire must be detected by the smoke detector in your fire system. Secondly, a fire sprinkler head will start when it detects an increase in temperature, indicating a fire. This two-step process is designed to prevent accidental activation of the system. Pre-action fire sprinklers are best suited for locations with valuable data, such as server rooms, libraries, and museums.

Deluge Systems

The deluge fire sprinkler system is unique because it has no pressurized air or water, and its sprinkler heads remain open and activated simultaneously. When smoke or heat is detected, the deluge valve connected to the sprinklers opens up, releasing water to the heads. This type of system is commonly found in facilities that require a fast-acting fire sprinkler system due to high-risk activities, such as manufacturing companies and industrial plants.

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