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What You Should Know About Commercial Smoke Detectors

Chesapeake Sprinkler Commercial Smoke Detectors

Learn more about commercial smoke detectors.

Time is essential when a fire spreads throughout a building. Every second that goes by becomes increasingly dangerous and destructive. So, how many smoke detectors should you have installed in your building? The answer is simple. The more commercial smoke detectors, the better. The larger your building, the more commercial smoke detectors you’ll need. During a fire alarm system installation, smoke detectors go on the ceilings throughout the entire building for proper coverage. Here is more information that you should know about commercial smoke detectors. 

Why Your Business Needs a Commercial Smoke Detector 

Smoke detectors play a crucial role in saving lives in the tragic event of a fire. Plus, the law requires commercial buildings to have modalities to detect and alert occupants if a fire happens. Therefore, you should have a credible fire protection company install a fire alarm system in your building. It ensures that your employees and customers stay safe while preventing liability. 

The fire alarm system you need depends on what kind of commercial property you own and the activities in your building. Irrespective of your building type, an efficient fire alarm system will have critical components such as smoke detectors and alarms. 

You should also know that where you place commercial smoke detectors matters to ensure that your entire team is notified in time to either evacuate the building or put out a small fire using a fire extinguisher (if well-trained). Also, strategic placement protects your team and customers from smoke inhalation and exposure to toxic gases and stampedes. 

How Many Smoke Detectors to Install

The amount of smoke detectors you have in your building depends on your building’s size. The best way to determine this is by hiring a fire protection company to conduct a risk assessment of your company if you haven’t done so. You also want to ensure that your chosen fire safety measures comply with the prescribed fire alarm requirements by law. Here are the ideal locations where you should have smoke detectors installed: 

  • On each floor
  • In each hallway
  • In all offices
  • In each storage area
  • In all bathrooms
  • In every stairway
  • Indoor car parking areas
  • In any room where a fire could happen 

Where to Place Hardwired Smoke Detectors

It is vital to have hardwired smoke detectors in your fire alarm system to prevent tampering and unauthorized movement during building fires. The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) recommends hardwired smoke detectors on every floor and each stairway of the building, covering a radius of 21 feet. These are the minimal requirements, but you might wonder if this is enough. After following the NFPA, how many smoke detectors you add to your building boils down to your budget. 

Here are some rules of thumb to follow about the placement of hardwired smoke detectors: 

  • Every room should have a working smoke detector and an audible fire alarm.
  • Situate smoke detector stairways in areas where smoke won’t be hard to reach 
  • Have smoke detectors installed no less than ten feet away from natural smoke and bathrooms and ovens to prevent false alarms 
  • Replace smoke detector batteries annually. 
  • Replace fire alarm systems every ten years. 

Do you own a new building and need a credible fire alarm system installed? If so, reach out to Chesapeake Sprinkler today. 

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