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What You Should Know About Fire Alarm Testing

chesapeake sprinkler fire alarm testing

Learn more about fire alarm testing.

A fire alarm system detects fire and warns people that a fire is present. Fire alarms can also control other systems, such as elevators and fire suppression systems, to stop a possible fire from spreading and controlling smoke. A fire alarm’s emergency control functions will also close doors and shut down air systems. However, because fire alarm systems are electronic, the system can fail one part at a time after a while. Therefore, because parts of a system degrade over time, fire alarm systems need testing to ensure that all its components are in excellent working order. A credible fire protection company can fix anything, not in proper working order. Here is what you should know about fire alarm testing. 

What to Know About the Overall Inspection and Performance Testing 

A fire alarm system has many individual elements, all working together. When a separate part fails, the system might not detect a fire or warn people about it until it’s too late. A performance test of a fire alarm system tests each separate device that detects or warns of a fire and tests the entire fire alarm system. Here are the following procedures you can expect from fire alarm testing: 

  • A professional will inspect pull stations, smoke, and heat detectors one at a time.
  • A professional will activate horns, speakers, and strobes to ensure that each device can warn people about a fire. 
  • An expert will check out each control panel to ensure it will automatically turn on or off if activated. 
  • An expert will test each power supply to ensure it will supply it if needed. 
  • A specialist will check all standby batteries for service dates and test them to ensure they provide the necessary power if a building loses utility. 
  • A specialist will activate the entire system as if there was a fire to ensure that it will warn people and call the monitoring company. 

How Often Should Fire Alarm Testing Happen?

Fire alarm testing should happen at least once a year. If your first inspection happens in March, the law mandates you follow up every March. 

Why Fire Alarm Testing and Inspections are So Necessary

Fire alarm systems save lives. According to National Fire Protection Agency, the risk of death is 55% lower in places with fire alarms. The necessity of these tools is undeniable. If fire alarm testing doesn’t occur, you risk your systems being faulty. Also, consider legal and insurance compliance. Many state and county laws say that a fire protection company must test fire alarm systems once over a designated period. Merely having a fire alarm installed isn’t enough. Plus, most insurance companies will only cover you if you periodically test your fire alarm system, and you’ll have access to lower premiums. Finally, building repair costs can be costly, and so are legal fees if any building occupants are injured or worse. The best fire protection systems for your building and industry will help you save money and avoid stress. 

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