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Avoid These Common Fire Safety Violations

Chesapeke-Sprinkler-Fire-Safety-ViolationsIt is crucial to understand the requirements regarding building fire safety regulations. Ensuring the safety of yourself, your team, the general public, and your valuable assets is a top priority for any business or facility owner. At Chesapeake Sprinkler, we are committed to guiding you through some common building fire safety violations that can be easily avoided.

Door Regulations and Blocked Exits

Maintaining clear pathways and exits is crucial to ensure the safety of employees and customers in case of an emergency. Avoid placing deliveries in hallways and obstructing doorways with merchandise. Always keeping all exit doors, hallways, stairways, and pathways free from debris and merchandise is vital. A few hours of blockage can pose a life-threatening risk in a fire emergency. Prioritize the safety and well-being of everyone by enabling smooth and hassle-free evacuation.

Using Extension Cords Improperly

Extension cords are a convenient solution for powering multiple appliances simultaneously. However, they can pose a hazard if used as a long-term fix. To prevent potential dangers, it is recommended to avoid connecting extension cords directly to each other or permanent fixtures and passing them through holes in the wall. Instead, consider installing additional outlets or seeking alternative solutions to eliminate the need for extension cords. 

Poorly-Lit Exit Signs and Lighting

It is crucial to ensure that exit signs in a building are functioning correctly, as flickering or non-lit signs can be a potential fire hazard. Additionally, blocked exit signs can pose a danger in emergencies, as people need to be able to locate the nearest exit quickly. To prepare for power outages, it is recommended to have emergency lights that remain lit for at least ninety minutes. It is crucial to conduct an annual inspection to test the functionality of both the exit signs and emergency lights, and it is even better to perform such inspections once a month to ensure their continuous proper functioning.

An Improper Fire Sprinkler System

Ensuring that your fire sprinkler systems are updated to match the design and hazard classification is essential. Not doing so can lead to a code violation. If you plan on changing buildings or repurposing an existing one, it is vital to consult with a fire protection company to help you design and retrofit your fire sprinkler system. This will ensure it meets the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) and the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) standards. 

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