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Three Common Fire Hazards In Commercial Properties

Chesapeake Fire Sprinkler Fire Hazards

Did you know common fire hazards like cooking equipment cause one of every four office property fires? It’s alarming, but wet pipe sprinklers can effectively control a fire outbreak and reduce property damage by almost 90 percent. According to the National Fire Protection Association, commercial buildings with wet pipe sprinklers have a 60 percent lower death rate than those without. To stay informed and keep your facility safe, it’s worth reading up on the top three fire hazards in commercial buildings that can put your property at risk for a fire outbreak.

Overheating Computers

One common cause of fire outbreaks in commercial buildings is overheating computers. When computers or laptops are left on for extended periods without proper shutdown, they can overheat and potentially explode, leading to a fire. To prevent this hazard, it’s essential to shut down all electronic devices before leaving the office and invest in code-compliant hardwired smoke detectors from Chesapeake Protection Services to detect any signs of smoke or embers.

Electrical Equipment

Electrical equipment in an office building can pose a significant fire hazard that could jeopardize the safety of the building. Keep an eye out for frayed electrical equipment, cooking appliances that are plugged in (like toasters and Keurig machines), and any other frequently used electrical equipment that has the potential to cause an electrical fire in a commercial building. In addition, ensure that all of your life safety systems are kept up-to-date and adequately maintained in case of a fire.

Improper Use Of Extension Cords

It is crucial to always use extension cords properly, following the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Improper use of extension cords can lead to an electrical fire within a commercial building, primarily when used to power multiple electronic devices. Moreover, avoid tangled extension cords that create a fire hazard within the premises. By being mindful of the proper handling and management of fire hazards within a commercial building, you can prevent fires from occurring.

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