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Here Is How Thunderstorms Can Impact Your Fire Alarm System

Chesapeake Sprinkler Company LightingA thunderstorm can impact life safety systems, including fire safety systems. Lightning is a hazardous environmental occurrence that affects all types of electrical equipment. Thunderstorms not only produce lightning but can also result in flooding. It would help if you periodically rehearsed your emergency preparations like you would for fire safety. Continue reading to learn more about how lighting can harm your fire safety alarm system.

Power Surge

Unexpected voltage increases are referred to as power surges. Even without striking directly, lightning strikes create power spikes in electrical wiring. If nearby lightning strikes, electricity may enter your structure in various ways, including spiking into the fire alarm system’s electrical cables and resulting in a power surge. Ask our fire sprinkler professionals about installing surge protectors to eliminate the potential of a power surge compromising your fire safety systems. Any fire protection system, including alarms, can have surge protectors installed. Surge protectors are frequently installed in primary power circuits or circuits that connect to other fire safety devices.

Power Outage From a Thunderstorm

In the event of a power loss, all life safety systems in your facility should have a backup electrical supply. Power lines may be damaged by the massive amounts of damage that thunderstorms may produce. Thanks to Chesapeake Sprinkler Company, your fire protection systems will comply with state and National Fire Protection Association regulations.

Other Electronic Malfunctions From Lightning

Lightning can overload the circuits of any nearby electrical source since it is such a powerful and quick electrical impulse. Smoke detectors are frequently activated by lightning in residential houses due to a power spike. The high amount of energy does not necessarily indicate a small fire inside the smoke detector, but it does suggest that the smoke detector may need to be replaced. Any type of building with smoke detectors is susceptible to this.

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